Worthy/ Zeplin- is a complete live experience, that leaves the fans satisfied and the club owners happy! Uncomplicated & funky blues rock…a positive vibration in your face!
After 30 years of touring Germany from Flensburg to Regensburg and from Düsseldorf to Dresden, Reggie Worthy has established a solid fan base. He was born in North Carolina and came to Germany in 1981 together with musician Patrick Gammon to record his album ‚Don’t Touch Me‘. Reggie toured with Udo Lindenberg, Inga Rumpf/Frumpy, US5, Eric Burdon und Stefan Stoppok (Stoppok plus Worthy/ Stoppok-Band. He is owner of his record label GROOVELOT RECORDS and publisher WORTHYSONGS-  located in Brunswick/ Germany. Ina was the lead singer of the former Rock Band ‚Broken Marble‘ before she met her partner in crime. “…an eye opener that my place, normally with electric guitars, drums and so on can rock with just two acoustic guitars. The fans were happy and so were the neighbors! ”  Barnabys- Blues Bar/ Brunswick-